Relaxing massage

Leave the stress behind with a Relaxing Massage

A good Relaxing Massage relieves stress and muscle tension and will let you overflow with a sense of well-being. It achieves this because of the general benefits of massage: it improves circulation and blood flow so that your organs and skin receive more oxygen.

Relaxing Massage in Thessaloniki
Relaxing Massage in Thessaloniki

Calm and much more

A Relaxing Massage encourages your body to get rid of its toxins and will help you sleep better. A massage will also help soothe muscle aches and sprains and encourage the skin to heal small abrasions.

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1 person 40′: 15€ | 1 person 60′ 20€ | 2 persons 60′ 40€ | 4 hands 35€ | Home 50€

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