Lymphatic Massage

Targeted solutions to achieve well-being

Lymphatic Massage is done all over the body, but mainly on the hands, the entire length of the legs, the abdomen and buttocks, but also the neck. It is a gentle massage technique that stimulates the lymph nodes, to cause decongestion of the circulation and increase the flow of lymph fluid, resulting in, in addition to long-term benefits, the elimination of toxins.

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Lymphatic Massage will help you on many levels

Detoxifies, helps reduce swelling and at the same time, insisting on problem areas of local thickness, offers results immediately visible in points. The body is “sculpted” and the image of the “orange peel” is significantly reduced.

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Duration: 5th minute
1 Person: 28 euros | 2 Persons: 56 euros | Home: 50 euros

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