Chocolate massage

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With the synergy of massage and chocolate

Chocolate, in addition to the beneficial vitamins it contains, and its antioxidant effects, helps fight cellulite, as its herbal ingredients have amazing properties in eliminating the unsightly appearance of orange. In addition, cocoa stimulates the production and secretion of endorphins, which in certain concentrations activate the natural process of fat removal.

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Pleasure for all the senses

The sensation of chocolate on our body and its natural rich aroma, create well-being and relaxation, through serotonin, which is the hormone released when we smell or eat chocolate and is also called the hormone of happiness. Chocolate therapy, then, briefly: 1. helps eliminate toxins 2. Provides beneficial vitamins and elements for the skin 3. fights cellulite 4. activates the natural fat removal process 5. Fights stress – gives relaxation and calm.

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Duration: 60 minutes
1 person: 25 euros 2 people 50 euros

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