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Pandora Massage and Beauty Body Care includes the application of special moisturizers that offer renewal and radiance to your skin. Along with hydration, the body skin is exfoliated, the well-known scrub, which removes dead cells and helps the skin to “breathe”, while also helping the body moisturizers and oils to be deeply absorbed and have a better result.

Cellulite massage
Cellulite Massage Thessaloniki

Pleasure for all the senses

Our body is often ranked second as a priority of care, because most of us pay more attention to the face. However, ideal body care includes almost everything needed for facial care. Our body is our temple and our skin is the largest organ we have. At Pandora Massage and Beauty we emphasize every detail that you would not pay attention to, so that we can treat you as much as possible and you can feel the relaxation and comfort you deserve again.

The Body Care items we offer

Chocolate massage in Thessaloniki

Chocolate Therapy

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost: 30€

aloe, aloe vera, life-2163120.jpg

Aloe Vera Body

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: 20 €


Honey & Sugar Peeling

Duration: 35 minutes

Cost: 30€

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